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How do I install the Pega Robotic Automation version 8.0 Chrome extension?

Use the Chrome extension to Pega Robotic Automation 8.0 to interrogate and automate the Google Chrome browser. Typically, you use the Setup wizard for Robotic Automation Studio or Robotic Automation Runtime to install or update the Chrome extension. If you are updating several users, you could also use the command line installation command with the INST_CHROME=1 parameter. For more information, see the installation instructions.

If you did not install the extension when you installed Robotic Automation Studio or Robotic Automation Runtime and need to install it now, use the following programs to install the extension:

  • OpenSpan.ChromeExtensionInstaller.exe
  • OpenSpan.ChromeMessagingHostIntaller.exe

For more information, see Google Chrome support in Pega Robotic Automation.

Installing the Chrome extension

Perform the following steps to install the Chrome extension in Pega Robotic Automation 8.0.

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Open the Chrome browser, click the More icon, and select More tools > Extensions.
  3. On the Chrome extension page, enable Developer mode.
  4. In Windows Explorer, go to the folder where Pega Robotic Automation is installed.
  5. Open the BrowserExtensions > Chrome folder.
  6. Drag the .crx file onto the Chrome browser.
  7. Run the OpenSpan.ChromeExtensionInstaller.exe program.
  8. Run the OpenSpan.ChromeMessagingHostIntaller.exe program by using Robotic Automation Studio's Chrome Extension ID as a parameter. The Extension ID assigned by Google is: lajjpilliikppcbaghjehndpfdiiphbe
Here is an example of the command that you enter:
OpenSpan.ChromeMessagingHostInstaller.exe -id:lajjpilliikppcbaghjehndpfdiiphbe

Validating that the extension is enabled

To enable the extension, open a Chrome browser instance. A message displays in Chrome’s top, right corner to which you must respond. To ensure that Robotic Automation Studio displays in the list of extensions, you can also open Chrome, click the More icon, and select More tools > Extensions.

Updating the Chrome extension

Repeat the installation steps each time you receive a new version of the Pega Robotic Automation Chrome extension. Updates to this extension are announced in the Build notes.

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