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Pega Robot Manager 8.4.2

Use Pega Robot Manager™ to monitor the performance, health, and throughput of your robotic process automation (RPA) robots.

You can do the following tasks:

  • Manage robots – start, stop, schedule, and move between work groups
  • Manage assignments – start, stop, and set key thresholds that allow for end-user notifications
  • Create and view reports on robot health, exceptions and usage data
  • Configure the organizational hierarchy of departments and users
  • Manage Runtime configuration files – define what configuration is used by a user or robot, work group, department, or is the default for an application
  • Apply roles to users to define the tasks that they can perform
  • Update automation packages and deploy them to robotic work groups, departments, and users
  • Use Pega Robotic Automation Importer to better manage automation package components within your Pega Infinity environment
  • Securely manage the package life cycle from development, testing, and up to the production stage
  • Configure email notification in the case of unexpected issues with robots or scheduling

For more information about configuring and using RPA with Pega Platform™, see Configuring robotic process automation.

Pega Robot Manager 8.4.2 is supported on Pega Platform 8.4. To download Pega Robot Manager from Pega Marketplace, go to the Pega Robot Manager page.

To take full advantage of Robot Manager 8.4.2 features, you must also use Pega Robotic Automation 19.1.23 or later.

For information about Pega Robot Manager, see the following topics:

Updates and improvements in Pega Robot Manager 8.4.2

Robot Manager integrates with Pega Diagnostic Cloud to provide a set of performance alerts that help you keep the health of your Robotic Automation solution in check. 

See the following list for issues addressed in Pega Robot Manager 8.4.2:

Item ID                          Description
BUG-548819              Resolves the issue in the archiving of the reporting health table by adding missing columns to the archive table.
BUG-544700              Updates log formatting in the activity that handles ingesting operational statistics.
BUG-548065               Resolves the issue that was preventing logging of an error during the Robot assignment status update.
BUG-549458               Updates the ingest service to return a successful response when attempting to upload a payload with an invalid operator ID.
BUG-548029               Updates the Create Department API to display an error when the department name is longer than 64 characters.
BUG-545909              Resolves the issue that was preventing overnight schedule actions from completing within the defined interval.
BUG-546177            Resolves the issue that was preventing Robot Scheduling from updating the From and To property fields after changing actions.
BUG-546978    Improves the system to properly update properties in work groups and work queues that were created through the Application Wizard by using the Robot Manager template. 
BUG-550252            Enables copying Reporting RASS (rule admin system setting) to a built-on application ruleset if the current application has no unlocked rulesets.
BUG-550287            Prevents incorrect error messages from displaying when deleting a Reporting RASS in a stale session.
BUG-550795            Resolves the issue that prevented error messages from displaying when you did not select a RASS while performing a bulk copy.
BUG-550798            Updates the system to display an error message when trying to edit a decision table that is in a locked ruleset.
BUG-550812            Updates the system to create indexes that improve Robot Manager performance. 
BUG-550718            Prevents the Automations Archival utility from archiving automation tasks that are in progress.

Updates and improvements in Pega Robot Manager 8.4.1

Item ID Description
SR-D76448 Resolved an issue that caused exceptions to be shown in Pega logs when a user filtered the robot status on the Robots screen.
SR-D76440 Resolved an issue that caused exceptions to be shown in the Pega logs when a user filtered the Work groups on the Robots screen.
SR-D68021 Updated the system to improve error handling while running pxArchiveRobotEvents utility.
SR-D63822 Updated the system to prevent unnecessary indexing of the Operator table during unattended robot heartbeating to improve Robot Manager performance.
SR-D61200, SR-D61306 Updated the system to prevent changes to unattended robot status when there is no status change to resolve Robot Manager UI performance issues on Work group and Robots screens.
SR-D61380 Resolved potential UI-control HTML injection vulnerability.
SR-D67674 Resolved an issue with the End Date time field when creating or editing schedules for a robot when the Pega Web Accessibility (Pega-WAI) ruleset is in the stack.
SR-D61306/BUG-528397 Updated the system to prevent archiving of the most recent unattended robots register and standby events from the events table.
SR-D32599 Resolved an issue with assigning packages to a user when the Pega Web Accessibility (Pega-WAI) ruleset is in the stack.

SR-D57331, SR-D52013, SR-D54035, SR-D61025

Resolved an issue causing schedule times to change after entering scheduled actions into the system when the user was in certain time zones.

SR-D51838, SR-D39239

Improved the performance of the global robots screen by refactoring the reports removing unnecessary joins with the Events database table.
SR-D48127, BUG-529891, BUG-526083 Resolved an issue with some notifications not being visible in the Notification preferences of Pega Robot Manager.
BUG-512957 Updated the Deployment history on the package drill-in in screen to show the correct Update Operator Name.
BUG-505767 Resolved an issue where the error message was not visible when creating a department with an already existing name.
BUG-525078 Resolved an issue with creating a package assignment when the user name contains the ampersand ('&') character.

Known issue

This issue is fixed in Robot Manager 8.4.2.

Scheduled actions that are less than 24 hours in duration, are scheduled for weekly recurrence, and also span midnight will end two hours before they are scheduled to end. Instead, the robot will start running in the Otherwise workgroup two hours before the scheduled action's end time. This occurs for all types of scheduled actions, including Stop and Move to work group and Start.

To avoid this issue, create two scheduled actions. The first would end at 11:59 PM and the second would begin at 12:00 AM.

For example, suppose that you do not want your robot to work from 10:00 PM Monday night until 8:00 AM Tuesday morning. Normally, you would create a scheduled Stop action with a weekly recurrence beginning on Mondays to stop the robots from 10 PM until 8 AM. To avoid this issue, you should create the following scheduled Stop actions:

  • A Stop action for Monday that runs from 10:00 PM until 11:59 PM
  • A Stop action for Tuesday that runs from 12:00 AM and until 8:00 AM
This issue does not affect prior releases.


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