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What's new in Pega Robotic Automation

PegaRobotic Automation 19.1 includes significant changes to the product infrastructure, continuing work that began in version 8.0 SP1. The infrastructure changes modularize the product so you no longer have to update the entire product each time a component changes. Additionally, the system now only downloads the actual changes, which means smaller and faster downloads. For more detailed information on this and other changes, see the Pega Robotic Automation version 19.1 Release Notes.

What's new in recent builds

For detailed information about all the changes in all 19.1 builds, see Cumulative Build Notes: Pega Robotic Automation 19.1.

SendKeys methods

Build now includes support for the SendKeys method in both the Web and Universal Web Adapters. This works much like SendKeys in the Windows adapter. When using this technique when creating an automation, the system more closely mimics user interaction, so you do not have to raise events to make the web page perform as expected. For more information about the new SendKeys methods, see the following topics:

PDF Connector 2.0

Build greatly enhances your PDF processing capabilities. The new visual designer makes working with PDF files much easier because you can visually identify the items within the file that you want to automate. Once identified, these items appear in your Object Explorer so you can use them directly in your automation. With this new functionality you can now perform the following actions:

  • Read and write to form objects (items that can be edited by users in a standard PDF editor) in your automation, similar to what you would do with an interrogated adapter control.
  • Use Optical Mark Recognition (OCR) to detect if an image-based document has check marks and/or signatures at known locations.
  • Automatically detect tables within PDF files based on intersecting lines and extract the information in those tables into a data table for use in your automation.
  • Use the reconciliation mode to quickly automate a workflow. This lets a Runtime user see the data elements that were extracted from a file and update those elements if required.

For more information, see Incorporating PDF files in your automation using Pega Robot Studio version 19.1.

Pega Robot Inspector

Build introduces the new Robot Inspector for Pega Robot Runtime. The Robot Inspector lets you start and stop adapters, start automations with supplied parameters, provides live visibility into adapter matching, and lets you view and modify global variables, lookup tables and more.The Robot Inspector is available for every solution without having to add a component to the solution, and can be enabled through the Runtime icon menu.

For more information see Using the Robot Inspector.

Custom credentials provider API

Build adds an API for connecting an in-house credentials provider to Pega Robotic Automation. Use this API to write your own C# extension to retrieve credentials. A sample C# solution is delivered for you to use as a guide.

To set up a custom credentials provider, use the CredentialManager server options in the CommonConfig.xml file, and make corresponding entries in the CredentialManagerConfig.xml file.

For more information, see Common configuration settings.

Support for additional types of spreadsheets

Build adds support for the following additional spreadsheet types when you use the Excel Connector:

  • Microsoft Excel: .xlsx, xlsm, .xltx, .xltm, .xls, .xlt
  • OpenDocument spreadsheet: .ods, .ots
  • Character Separated Values: .csv, .tsv

This build also adds the following methods:

  • FindRows
  • FindColumns

Support for Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex applications

Build adds support for Adobe Flash® and Apache Flex applications that use the Google Chrome browser. The Adobe Flash and Apache Flex translator works with Universal Web Adapter. The Adobe Flash and Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex) software provides a development environment for building games and applications by using the ActionScript® language and the open-source Flex framework.

For more information, see, Adobe Flash and Flex application support.

What's new in the initial release

The following features were included in the initial release of Pega Robotic Automation 19.1:

Pega Synchronization Server

The Pega Synchronization Server is a new addition to the Pega Robotic Automation product suite that hosts the product repository, which is where product version bundles are stored. For more information, see the Pega Synchronization Server User Guide.

Pega Package Server

Version 19.1 includes enhancements to the Pega Package Server so that it works together with the new Pega Synchronization Server so you can easily distribute the automations that you create with Pega Robot Studio. For more information, see the Pega Package Server and Server Status Page User Guide.

CyberArk support

Version 19.1 adds support for CyberArk. For more information, see CyberArk support in Robotic Automation.

Microsoft Office 2019 support

Version 19.1 adds support for Microsoft Office 2019.

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