PEGA0020 alert: Total connect interaction time exceeds limit

The PEGA0020 alert is triggered when a response was received from an external system or database after a connector request was sent to that system, but the interaction time exceeds the threshold value.

Example message text

Connector DATA-RULE-SUMMARY.CHECKRULEPROID : Total time for interaction has exceeded the threshold of 1,000 ms: 1,188 ms

Default Dynamic System Settings

Add the following Dynamic System Settings to turn the alert on and set its threshold for the entire cluster.

To turn the alert on:

  • Owning ruleset: Pega-Engine
  • Setting purpose: prconfig/alerts/connectors/totalRequestTime/enabled/default
  • Value: true

To set the default threshold:

  • Owning ruleset: Pega-Engine
  • Setting purpose: prconfig/alerts/connectors/totalRequestTime/threshold/default
  • Value: 1000

The default threshold is 1000 milliseconds (1 second).

For information about creating Dynamic System Settings, see Dynamic System Settings.

Default prconfig.xml file settings

<env name="alerts/connectors/totalRequestTime/enabled" value="true" />

  • This setting toggles the alert on ("true") or off ("false").

<env name="alerts/connectors/totalRequestTime/threshold" value="1000" />

  • The default threshold is 1000 milliseconds (1 second).

Reasons for the alert

Examine the connector to determine why responses are taking so long. Determine whether you can improve the performance of the external system or database to respond faster. Determine whether you can redesign your connector to request less work or less data from the external system. Check whether the network or communications facility between the Pega® 7 Platform and the external system is a source of delay.

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