PEGA0037 alert: Rule assembly time exceeded threshold

The PEGA0037 alert indicates that your Pega 7 Platform system took an unusually long time to assemble a rule. The total time is equal to the elapsed Java assembly time plus compile process time.

Example message text

Rule assembly process has exceeded the threshold of 400 ms: 1,206 ms. Details: Total Rule assembly process:
           ELAPSED time = 1,206;
           CPU time = 562;
Delta Java assembly process:
           Delta Assembly ELAPSED time = 716; 
           Delta Assembly CPU time = 78;
Delta Compile process:
           Delta Compile ELAPSED time = 490;
           Delta Compile CPU time = 484;
Assembled class name = com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_web_start_a02afe13a3c738; Assembled class size = 7,523;
Rules count = 1;
Personal RuleSet = ;
AccessGroup = PegaRULES:Unauthenticated;
Application = PegaRULES 05.05;

Default prconfig.xml settings

<env name = “alerts/fua/assemblytime/threshold" value="400" />

The threshold value is a positive integer value in milliseconds.

Stop and restart the server after changing this setting.

Reasons for the alert

This alert can occur in the following situations:

  • Cache setting needs adjustment, for example, your rule cache might be too small.
  • A systemic problem exists, for example, database response time is slow or the network performance is suboptimal.

Run the static assembler for the application to preassemble the application rules.

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