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How to add automatic field formatting to input fields


You can make a property value automatically format when focus leaves an input field, by using edit validate rules. In V5.4SP2, seven formats for properties are supported:

  • Date
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Tax-Payer Identification Number (TIN)
  • US Zip Code
  • US Extended Zip Code (Zip + 4)
  • US Phone Number
  • International Phone Number


Suggested Approach

To make a property automatically format:

  1. Open the property rule you want to be automatically formatted.
  2. On the Definition tab of the property rule form, under the Input Processing section, enter the appropriate edit validation rule in the validate field.


  1. When entering data, it display exactly as you type it. The input only changes format when you exit the field.

For example, if you enter an SSN such as:


When the user causes focus to leave the input field on the form, Process Commander automatically reformats the input to appear as:


  1. The following standard edit validation rules are available in V5.4SP2 for automatically formatting an input field:
    • Datemmddyyyy
    • SSN — Social Security Number
    • TIN — Taxpaer Identification Number
    • USZipCode
    • USZipCodeExtended
    • USPhone
    • InternationalPhone
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