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Test the new UI architecture with Cosmos React (8.6)

Try out the next-generation Pega technology to build applications that boast improved performance, interactivity, and response times. Cosmos React features a ReactJS-based front-end architecture that is powered by the new Constellation Client Engine. The redesigned UI, which is now available in early adopter's mode, includes an updated component library and an intuitive authoring experience that promotes low-code development and improved maintainability.

Accelerate development with an intuitive framework

When creating a new application, you can now choose to use the Cosmos React architecture. From that point on, all the development takes place in the low-code App Studio environment and involves out-of-the-box tools and components. Cosmos React is still evolving, so while the framework is production-ready, it offers a narrower feature set than the section-based Theme Cosmos architecture.

The Cosmos React approach prioritizes configuration and combining of existing elements over custom code, which simplifies and accelerates production. Consequently, the environment encourages engagement from citizen developers who might have little experience with software development. Furthermore, the opinionated Cosmos React UI environment safeguards applications against guardrail violations and development errors that might affect their future maintainability and upgrades. 

Discover the new authoring experience

Cosmos React UI expands on the tools first introduced for portal authoring in Pega Platform™ version 8.5 by supporting a redesigned User interface tab in the case type. The new tab includes an intuitive editing mechanism that requires little developer training, and a preview that allows you to control the view as you edit it. 

Live preview in view editing
Live preview reflects the changes that you make to a view.
Live preview in view editing

You can define the layout of your view by selecting a template from a list that includes standard designs, as well as tables, tiled galleries, and tabbed menus. For themes and styling, the updated Branding and themes section features a lightweight editor with a live preview.

Editing the application theme in a Cosmos React UI environment
Cosmos React UI features an intuitive user interface with a live preview.
Editing the application theme in a Cosmos React UI environment

Use enhanced case processing

Lastly, Cosmos React UI introduces a number of smaller changes that are designed to improve the user experience. For example, the system now maintains user settings for the duration of the session, so that when a user applies filters and sorting to a table, and then opens a new document, the application retains the table settings when the user navigates back to the page by clicking the browser back button. In addition, any new case now includes a Create form that you can use to capture initial information about a case. Finally, the Pega Platform 8.6 version marks another stage in the continuous effort to make Pega applications fully accessible, with low-code Cosmos React UI components supporting keyboard navigation and assistive technology out-of-the-box.

For more information, see Cosmos React (early adopter).

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