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Pega Web Mashup enables you to embed a Pega Application as a mashup within a web page or another web application. Created directly in Designer Studio, Pega Web Mashups are simple to create and deploy. Pega Web Mashup leverages the security and user interface features of Pega Platform to provide a rich application experience for users.

Learn why you need consistent mashup technology 

Watch: Introduction to Pega Web Mashup

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Tutorial: Creating a mashup with Pega Web Mashup

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Learn how to create a mashup

Adding a mashup to your site is easy. To embed your application in a site, you need a Pega Web Mashup code. Create a code in Designer Studio, copy it, and paste it into your site. The code contains everything needed to display the case you used to create the mashup code. The code is created from the Case Designer. Once you have the mashup, you can make it fit your site or make it responsive.

You can access your mashup from the host site in different ways. You can display your application inline, use a button to navigate to a new page, or open in a modal.

What is Pega Mashup?
Sizing the Pega Web Mashup
Creating a responsive mashup

Add functionality to a web mashup

Your mashup and your site need to look and feel like one application. Mashups are styled using the skin. By passing actions between the site and the mashup you can make their interactions seamless.

Styling a mashup with the skin rule
Communication between a Pega Web Mashup and the host page
Pega Web Mashup on Pega Cloud

Secure a web mashup

Configure your Pega Web Mashup to make it secure for both your users and your company.

Pega Web Mashup authentication
Configuring Pega Web Mashup authentication

Learn the details

This series of articles provides definitions of the properties, attributes, actions, and events provided by Pega Web Mashup with code samples for most of them.

Pega Web Mashup API guide
Attribute reference
Action objects
JavaScript actions
Data binding syntax
Previous and current Pega Web Mashup attributes

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