Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud

Decades of LSA and Pega engineering expertise automated to make your life easy... and it's included in your license.


Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) is an AI-powered technology that is used throughout the application life cycle to assess the health of your application, notify you of critical issues and resolve performance and stability problems.

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As a Pega Cloud Services customer, you can use PDC right away. On-premises deployment takes only a few minutes.

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Learn about PDC and how it can help you.

Access PDC and ensure that it works with your system.

Get notified about important events in your system.

Your Daily Routine

Stay informed about ongoing or potential issues by monitoring your system with PDC.

PDC helps you identify areas that you need to work on to improve your system's performance.

Resolve common performance issues and find the root cause by using the PDC problem-solving tools.


Learn more about PDC.

This article helps you learn about the types of events that PDC recognizes, and notifications that it can send to keep recipients informed about the status of your system.