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Every user session has a locale setting that can affect the language presented by PRPC user interface when displaying or entering dates, times, and money amounts. Standard locale names have the format aa_BB_CC, where aa represents a language, _BB is an optional country variant, and _CC is an optional subvariant.

For example, by choosing fr_FR as a locale, a user operating in France may enter and display dates and amounts using European conventions even if the PRPC server is in the United States and other users of that system use United States conventions for dates. (In Microsoft Windows, the locale values use a dash rather than an underscore character and sometimes omit the second and third portion for the dominant country, such as for the French language as spoken in France.)

PRPC determines your initial locale from a browser setting. To see your current settings when using Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > General > Languages. (You can change this through the Windows Regional Options control panel.)

Users can override the locale setting temporarily using the Locale Settings tool, choosing from a drop-down list of text labels that each translates to a locale. The value set in the Locale Settings tool does not affect other processing by a browser or Windows. Equivalently, an activity can call the PublicAPI method setLocale() to accomplish a this temporary override, using internal locale format. In either approach, the new locale setting stays in force until the user session ends or until a later call to the setLocale() method.

Many standard control rules support input and output of locale-specific formats. Such processing is called localization. Spelling dictionaries are also organized by locale, so that the British can use "colour" while Americans use "color."

NoteLocalization operates completely only for users who have WorkManager, WorkUser, Manager, or User portal rules (or similar portal rules) as the Default Portal Layout on the Settings tab of the access group instance. Localization is not complete if you use the Designer Studio as Default Portal Layout and later open a second portal that uses the WorkManager or WorkUser portal rule.

PRPC 5.3 and later implements the Unicode CLDR 1.3 standards for date and time patterns by locale and other internationalization features. Details of daylight savings time support depend on the JVM version supporting your system.

For a list of locales and the corresponding text description in Sun's JDK, see:


OldReleases of PRPC before 5.3 used an IBM ICU4J library rather than the CLDR 1.3 standard. If you upgrade an older system to 5.3 or later, follow instructions in the Upgrade Guide regarding the pricu2jdk.jar file.

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