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A language-specific ruleSet is a RuleSet that contains copies of rules another ruleset but with text in a language (and font) other than English.

The ruleset name consists of a base ruleset name followed by a single underscore and a locale setting that indicates the language

For a ruleset named Mortgage, an Italian-language-specific ruleset is named Mortgage_it_it, as the locale code for Italian is it_it.

Language packs — collections of language-specific rulesets that localize labels and buttons in standard portal rules and harnesses — are available from Pegasystems for German, Spanish, and French. These can simplify the process of localization of your application.

The Localization wizard assists developers in identifying and building the rules in a language-specific ruleset.

CautionIf your application was developed in a release before V6.3 and uses language-specific rulesets, and you want to operate in ABA mode for best performance, note that language-specific rulesets appear higher in the ruleset list in ABA mode than in rules assembly mode. While it is unlikely that this change affects results of your application, some analysis and testing is recommended.

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