Represents an independent account manager object. Allows to manage accounts and update the account information.

The Constants section below lists errors that may be returned in a callback if an operation fails.

You can access the object by using the launchbox.AccountManager reference.


This object belongs to the Base product module.


Name Description
ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST_ERROR Thrown if the account invoked in order to change its password, remove it, etc. does not exist.
ACCOUNT_EXISTS_ERROR Thrown when the addAccount method is called and the account has already been created.
ACCOUNT_NOT_OPEN_ERROR Thrown if any of the setField, removeField, getPrivateAccountData methods is called before the account has been opened.
ACCOUNT_OPEN_ERROR Thrown if any of the openAccount, removeAccount or changePassword methods is called after the account has been opened.
FIELD_DOES_NOT_EXIST_ERROR Thrown if the removeField method is called to remove the field that does not exist.
INCORRECT_SCOPE_ERROR Thrown if the setField or removeField method is called for a field in scope that is different from either public or private.
INTERNAL_ERROR Thrown when a fatal error occurs in communication with the accounts database.
INVALID_CREDENTIALS_ERROR Denotes that the openAccount method has failed due to invalid credentials. It may be thrown after enrolling to the profile service to denote that the changePassword method needs to be invoked to reencrypt storages associated with this account.
INCORRECT_AUTHENTICATION_MODE_ERRORDenotes that the end user tries to use more or less credentials than defined at application creation stage.


Name Description Type

Represents the AccountManager's listener for the onOpen() and onClose() callbacks.

identifier A read-only property that contains an identifier of the currently open account. string


Name Return type Description
getAccountList undefined

Passes a map of all accounts with their public user data to the onSuccess callback.

addAccount undefined

Adds a new account.

removeAccount undefined

Removes an account from the device.

openAccount undefined

Opens/authenticates an account and grants access to private (encrypted) data.

closeAccount undefined

Closes the open account.

changePassword undefined

Changes a password for the user's account in the client, after it has been changed in the backend.

getPrivateAccountData undefined

Requests a list of all private (encrypted) data and passes it by means of the onSuccess callback.

setField undefined

Sets a value for the key in the selected account data scope (either public or private).

removeField undefined

Removes a key, together with its corresponding value, from the selected account data scope (either public or private).

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