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Using the Load-DataPage method


Use the Load-DataPage method to load a data page in a background thread.

Enter the data page name as a parameter to the step page, then expand the tab to see the parameters of the data page, along with the pool ID. Provide values for the required parameters, and optionally for the non-required parameters.

The values of the parameters of the Data Page could be: literal values, parameter references or property references.




data page Enter the name of the data page to load.
pool ID This is a token used to group multiple data pages that are loaded in the background and used by the Connect-Wait method to wait for the data pages with the same pool ID to finish loading.
data page parameters The parameters of the named data page appear, with indications showing which are required and which are optional.


The system uses rule resolution to locate the correct instance of the data page.


This method enables asynchronous loading of data pages.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property only if it fails. See How to test method results using a transition.

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