Case attachment annotations

Users of an application that you develop on Pega Platform can add annotations to images that are attached to cases. For example, users can draw around an area in the image to highlight a faulty element of the device.

Note: Case attachment annotations are not available in offline-enabled custom mobile apps. Case attachment annotations are not supported for attachments that are stored in Pega Cloud or other external data stores. Case attachment annotations cannot be applied to images created by using the Signature Capture control.

For the case attachment annotations to be available to the user, the pyCanAmmendImage when rule must return true.

Case attachment annotations do not require any configuration. You can change the annotation color by using CSS to override the default values. For more information, see Configuring the color of case attachment annotations.

To annotate a case attachment on a mobile device, users click Add annotation that is displayed in a context menu. The context menu is shown next to an attachment in a case attachment list. Users can then draw and erase a line, and save the completed annotation. The annotated case attachment replaces the original one.