Communicating guardrail compliance

The Application Guardrails landing page gives you a full suite of metrics to help you understand application health and your compliance with best practices. You can share these details by scheduling automated email reports and by manually exporting data.

Scheduling email reports

The Schedule Report button is available on all tabs of the Application Guardrails landing page. Use this option to set up an automated, recurring method of informing your project stakeholders. Subscribed users receive an email containing guardrail details either as an attachment or embedded message.

The data included in these email reports is not filtered, even if you recently made selections using the application scoping control.

  1. Click Schedule Report to open the Email Scheduling window.

  2. Select the Enable email notifications check box to make additional options visible.

  3. In the Send the report section, select a frequency to email users.

    Options include Daily or Weekly with a specified day.

  4. Use the Add icon to build a list of recipients. You can select an email address linked to an operator ID or enter a plain-text email address.

    Note: The system automatically maintains updates to an email address linked to operator ID.
  5. Click Submit.

You can disable email notifications when you determine that reports are no longer required. To unsubscribe a user, remove the appropriate email address from the list of recipients.

Email notifications are sent using the standard DefaultNotify email account. Use the Email landing page to ensure that this account is properly configured.

Exporting content to PDF

The Export to PDF button is available on the Compliance Score and Compliance Details tabs of the Application Guardrails landing page. Use this option to create a PDF file that contains guardrail data that you can download and distribute later.

Unlike scheduled email reports, exported PDF files capture data exactly as it appears on the landing page, including any selected filter criteria. Ensure that you clear all filters before clicking Export to PDF, if you want to capture the latest development changes intended for production.