Compliance Details tab

Use the Compliance Details tab on the Application Guardrails landing page to review the factors contributing to your application's compliance score.

Additional options allow you to communicate these details to project stakeholders.

Analyzing data over time

You can adjust the window of time used to generate metrics on this tab. This helps you visualize trends in the distribution of warnings in your application by severity, area of impact, and operators who are introducing risk.

To set the filters on this tab:

  1. Use the application scoping control to select one or more application layers to evaluate.

    By default, the current application is selected.

  2. Use the Only include rules modified on or after field to select a date in the past.

  3. Click Apply filter to update metrics based on your selection criteria.

These filter criteria are applied to exported compliance details but ignored by any email reports you schedule.

Warning impact

The table in this section summarizes the impact that unresolved warnings can have on your application. Use it to understand which areas of your application are affected and provide guidance to your team on how soon warnings need to be addressed.

The following columns are available:

  • Impact — Categorizes warnings based on the application area they affect, such as Performance or Maintainability.

    The set of possible values in this column is derived from the Application Impact field on the message form.

  • Resolve now — The number of Severe warnings in your application.

    These warnings introduce the greatest risk to your application and need immediate attention.

  • Resolve before production — The number of Moderate warnings in your application.

    These warnings are acceptable during development but it is recommended that you resolve them before you move your application into production.

Click any count in the table to view a detailed list of warnings associated with each impact area. You can filter or sort the columns in the list or click a rule name to open a rule.

Warning age

The metrics in this section illustrate the distribution of unresolved warnings in your application that have been introduced within the last 60 days. Use them to understand when warnings were introduced and how long they have been aging in your application.

Each count is associated with a fixed date range. For example, your application can have 10 warnings introduced in the Past 15 days and an additional 5 warnings that were introduced 16-30 days ago.

You can:

  • Click any count in the table to view a detailed list of warnings introduced in that time period.

  • Filter or sort columns in the list.

  • Click any rule name to open a rule.

Some counts in this section become hidden, based on the date you specify in the filter. For example, if you select a date that is 7 days before today, only the Past 15 days count is visible.

Application risk introduced by operator

Your application compliance score can decrease over time as guardrail warnings are introduced. Use the table in this section to identify the operators who are largely contributing to the lowered score. You can then work with these individuals to coach them on development best practices.

For example, your team can consist of 4 developers. If each developer introduces 1 unjustified, severe warning, then the risk to the application is equally distributed at 25%.

Comparatively, if one developer introduces 1 unjustified, severe warning, and a second developer introduces 3 unjustified, severe warnings, then the second developer is responsible for 75% of the risk introduced to your application.

Here are some tips to help you understand the values in the table:

  • Results are limited to the top 5 operators.

    The sum of the percentages may not equal 100% if your application has more than 5 operators.

  • Scores are displayed in descending order from left to right, based on the level of introduced risk.

    Each percentage is a weighted calculation that considers the number and type of introduced warnings, relative to those added by other operators.

  • An Unassigned percentage is possible if you have recently upgraded your system.

    This value declines as your development team begins to introduce new guardrail warnings.

Click any percentage to view a detailed list of warnings introduced by the associated operator. You can filter or sort the list columns or click a rule name to open it.

When you are finished reviewing all details related to your compliance score, you can export them for future distribution or schedule an automated email report.