Warning Summary tab

Use the Warning Summary tab on the Application Guardrails landing page to get a visual representation of the warning distribution in your application. You can also email chart details to application stakeholders.

Analyzing data over time

You can adjust the window of time used to generate the charts on this tab. This helps you visualize trends in the distribution of warnings in your application by severity and rule type.

To set the filters on this tab:

  1. Use the application scoping control to select one or more application layers and class names to evaluate.

    By default, All Classes and the current application are selected.

  2. Enter values in the From date and To date fields to isolate rules that were last updated within that date range.

  3. Select at least one Severity level to include in the charts.

  4. Select at least one Justification state to include in the charts.

    Justified warnings include an explanation of why they cannot be resolved.

  5. Click Apply Filter to update the charts with your selections.

These filter criteria are not applied to any email reports you schedule.

Interactive charts

Two, color-coded charts help you understand the breakdown of warnings across severity level and the rule types in your application. Each chart is interactive and includes data that meets your specified filter criteria. Scan each chart from top to bottom to understand the full distribution of warnings, followed by individual counts that are relative to the total count.

Additionally, you can:

  • Hover on any colored segment to see more metrics, such as rule counts and percentages.

  • Expand a row to see the warnings associated with rules of a specific type.

  • Click an item, such as an operator or rule, to open it.