General landing page

Access the General landing page by clicking Designer Studio > System > General.

The following tabs are available.

System, Nodes, and Requestors tab

Use the General page to access the System Nodes and Requestors tab and the Available Applications tab.

The top portion of the display identifies the current system name and other information from the System Name data instance.

To open the System form for the system name displayed in the System Name drop-down list, click the Open system icon next to the name.

The Requestors array identifies the Requestor Types in this system, with the following columns. See Standard Requestor Types.

Select a requestor type to open its rule form.

Field Description
Type Key of a Data-Admin-Requestor instance.
Label Short Description of a Data-Admin-Requestor instance.
Access Groups Access group associated with this requestor. Click the access group name to open its form.
Activity Starting activity.

The Nodes array identifies the nodes in this system. This information is derived from the system-generated Data-Admin-Nodes instances. Select a node name to open its form.

Field Description
Node Name Short description for this node, derived from the Short Description field on the System Node instance form. To customize, click the name to open the System Node form; then update the Short Description field in the header part of the form and save your changes. Refresh this landing page to see the updates.
JVM Temp Directory Path to of the directory used by this JVM to save temporary files.
Machine Name Network name of the server.
Node ID System-generated hexadecimal identifier for this node, known as the Node ID.

Available Applications tab

This report lists the application rules in your system. To open the application rule for an application in the list, click the version number in the Version column listed for that application.

Field Description
Name First key part of an application rule.
Version Second key part of an application rule. Click to open the application rule.
Description Short description of the application.
RuleSet RuleSet associated with the application. This setting is made on the Advanced tab of the application rule form. When the Export tab exports the RuleSet, the application rule is included in the export process. Click the RuleSet name to open its form.
Updated on Date and time of most recent update.
Updated by Operator ID who completed the most recent update. Click the name to open its Operator ID form.