System Settings landing page

Access the System Settings landing page by selecting Designer Studio > System > Settings.

The following tabs are available:

  • Resource URLs – Records three URLs that provide access to specific features.
  • Compiler – Identifies the classpath and external JAR files that support Service JAVA rules.
  • Search – Allows you to monitor and control the full-text search facilities.
  • Security Policies – Allow qualified operators to adjust the security options on the login and password-change screens.
  • Data Encryption – Defines the encryption type that your application uses to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • System Name – Use this page to change the system name (System ID) of your Pega Platform system, including all nodes that use this name and associated data instances.
  • Project Management – Allows you to quickly set up connectivity between your applications and an instance of the Pega AgileStudio, test that connectivity, and enable or disable project tracking for your applications.
  • Operator Access - Allows you to view locked operators, and to disable and enable operators.
  • File Storage – Lists the storage destinations. Click Browse to view the contents.