Security Policies

The Security Policies tab is visible to operators who have the pzViewAuthPoliciesLP privilege in their access roles. This privilege is part of the PegaRULES:SecurityAdministrator role.

Use this tab to define various security policies for user authentication and session management.

  • Select the Enable frequently required policies check box to enable and configure password settings, CAPTCHA functionality, lockout settings, and logging levels for auditing logins.

  • Enable and configure two-factor authentication.
  • Enable and configure automatic disablement of inactive operators.
  • Click Display Audit Log to display audit logs related to login attempts.

  • Click View History to see a report of changes to security settings, including the date, the operator who made the change, and what change was made.

Note: In a multitenant environment, each tenant can configure their own security policies or use the common security policies provided by the shared user. However, if the shared user changes the security policies, a tenant who uses the security policies provided by the shared user must wait at least 10 minutes before the changes are reflected.