Email instantiation

Email instantiation is a method of case creation that relies on an incoming email message. By configuring a case type to support email instantiation, you can use the Email channel in your application to create cases remotely.

Example email discussion

Because email messages and attachments are integrated with Pulse, you can use email to continue a discussion with a case worker about your newly created case.

The following example describes one way that you can use email and Pulse to discuss a case:

  • A customer reports a faulty hardware component by sending an email that describes the steps to reproduce the issue and includes a photo attachment of the component's serial number.

  • Your application receives the email, creates a case, and sends a confirmation email to the customer, which includes the case ID.

  • A case worker reviews the details of the case, which include the original email message and attachments in Pulse.

  • After reproducing the issue, the case worker posts a reply to the Pulse message that includes steps to resolve the issue.

  • The customer receives an email with the steps to resolve the issue.

  • The customer replies to the email, confirming that the issue is resolved.

  • The case worker is notified that a new message has been added to Pulse, reviews the case details, and resolves the case.