Directed Web Access

Directed Web Access (DWA) is a capability that supports external assignments in a case. By collecting information from stakeholders who are outside your organization, you can extend the scope of your application.

You cannot reopen or repeat an external assignment because your session is authenticated for one time only. The following run-time events describe the way that users interact with external assignments:

  • A case reaches an external assignment in the life cycle.

  • Your application sends an email to the user who is identified in the routing settings for the external assignment.

  • The user clicks the URL in the email message, which sends a token to your application for authentication.

  • The form for the assignment is displayed in the web browser of the use.

  • The user completes the assignment by entering values in the fields on the form and submitting the form.

  • The session ends and the case moves to the next step in the life cycle.

  • Your application updates the count of web invocations that are used in reports for license compliance.