Organization form – Chart tab

You can interact with the organization chart presented on this tab to maintain divisions, maintain organization units, and add operators.

The chart is also available on the Division and Organization Unit rule forms, and in the Organizational Chart landing page tab on the Organization landing page. To access the tab, select Designer Studio > Org & Security > Organization > Organizational Chart.
Field Description
Organizational Structure The diagram presents the current structure as a three-level tree: organization, division, and organization units in your current organization (as displayed in your operator profile). To display all organizations in your system, click Display All.

Click a plus sign to expand any node. Organizations are the first (top) level ( in this example).

The chart includes a text description of the organization.

By right-clicking a node, you can use a pop-up panel to:

  • Add nodes at the peer level (for example, select an organization and create a new one).
  • Add children nodes (for example, select an organization and create a new division belonging to it).
  • Add operators to organizations, divisions, or organization units.
  • Open an organization, division, or organization unit form.
  • View a list of operators associated with each node.

As you make your modifications, use the Refresh button to update the display.

To add an organization using the chart:

  1. Select an organization node on the chart.
  2. Right-click to open the pop-up panel, and select Add Node.
  3. Enter an organization name in the Organization field and click OK. The instance appears on the chart.
  4. To open the rule form to add or modify the information, double-click the instance, or select the instance on the chart, right-click, and select Open.