Organization data instances

Complete an organization data instance for each organization that uses your system. Use the Organization form to specify an access group available to all members of an organization, a calendar of work days and holidays, a top-level class, and other aspects of the organization.

The following tabs are available on this form:

A three-level organization hierarchy is supported that consists of organizations at the top level, divisions at the second level, and organization units at the third level. Each user (Operator ID instance) is associated with an organization, division, and unit.


The Data-Admin-Organization class contains organization data instances. Organization data instances are part of the Organization category.

Associated RuleSet

When you save an organization data instance, if the Associated RuleSet is [none], the associated RuleSet is set to the RuleSet from the current application of the logged-in user. This association assists with application packaging. You can update the associated RuleSet using the field in the top left of the form. See Identifying parts of rule and data forms.

If there is no RuleSet associated with the data instance (for example, for existing instances not previously associated with a RuleSet), the Associated RuleSet displays [No associated RuleSet]. Click Edit to define one.