Remote System form - Environment tab

The Pega Web Mashup configuration contains all the environment information used by this rule. You can configure the Pega Web Mashup gateway on all systems in a federation that will access remote cases before completing this tab.

Field Description
Gateway URL Gateway URL deployed on this system's server. The gateway must be set up on any systems in the federation that will access remote cases.
System URL Optional. The remote host Pega Platform system URL used in the Pega Web Mashup configuration console. This value is used only to retrieve remote system information for Autocomplete inputs.
System ID Name used to register the remote host system in the Pega Web Mashup gateway configuration. Do not confuse this value with a system name stored in a System data instance record.
Application Name The Name key part of an application rule on the remote system. The specified User ID must have access to the application.
Encryption Optional. Select so that the data passed back and forth between the remote and the local system (by way of the URL) is encrypted. The check box sets the property pega.web.config.encrypt value in the JavaScript configuration object for the prconfig.xml file. By default, encryption is disabled.