Designer Studio

Designer Studio provides developers with the tools and information they need to build and extend enterprise applications. It is available to users who specify Developer as one of the portals associated with their access group.

The following components are available in Designer Studio:


The header at the top identifies the currently selected application and enables you to start processes, search for items, create rules and applications, and access menus. It contains the following menus.

  • Application menu - to access the Application menu click the name of your current application. From this menu you can open the Application Overview landing page, open your application, switch to another application, start the New Application wizard, which is a tool that generates an enterprise-level application, based on your input, and Switch Work Pool.
  • Resources menu - Resources menu is located to the right of the Operator menu. It contains links to help, Pega Discovery Network, documentation of APIs.
  • Operator menu - The Operator menu provides access to your Designer Studio preferences and other rules and data information about yourself. It displays initials from your operator ID record as a menu. Click the menu and select its menu items to review your profile, specific rules, and system-wide features.

Work area

The work area is in the center of Designer Studio. It displays rule forms, lists of records, wizards, landing pages, the home page, and other tools or forms. You can have multiple items open in the work area. An operator preference controls whether these items are displayed as tabs.

Developer toolbar

This component appears at the bottom of Designer Studio. From this toolbar you can access advanced tools such as Alerts, Tracer, Live UI, Performance tool, and the Clipboard. You can also use it to view system information and access the Pega Discovery Network (PDN).

Explorer panel

Designer Studio provides explorers that you can use to quickly view and access important components and information about your application.

Designer Studio has the following explorers:

  • Recent Explorer – View and open your most recently opened cases, records, landing pages, wizard items, instance lists, and other forms.

    Note: Recent Explorer results are automatically managed when you log out of Designer Studio. They do not change when you switch applications or work pools.
  • Data Explorer – View the data types for your current application and create and work with data types and their corresponding data pages.

  • Application Explorer – View and access the access rules, organized by work pool, case type, category, and rule type in a tree format, in your application stack.

  • Records Explorer – View and access the access rule and data instances in your application stack.

  • Favorites Explorer – View your personal and access group favorites.

  • Case Type Explorer – Manage the hierarchical structure of your case types and browse examples of case management rules that you can use in your application.

Home page

The Designer Studio home page displays high-level information about your current application. This information is displayed in the work area of Designer Studio when you log in. As you develop your application, rules, data instances, and other forms replace the home page in the work area.

In the home page, you can view information such the number of guardrail warnings in your application, a list of assigned tasks, or an overview of the new features in Pega Platform.

Click the Pega Platform logo in the header of Designer Studio to reopen the home page.

Note: When you create an application with New Application wizard, the Application Overview landing page appears in the Designer Studio work area instead of the home page.

What's new

This panel lists some of the key product changes in the current version of the product.

Guardrail warnings

This panel gives you a dashboard view of the warnings in your application that were introduced in the last seven days. Use the metrics in this section to understand the distribution of warnings by severity level and how you and your team members affect the health of your application. For more information, see Application Guardrails landing page.

Security Status

This panel shows the Application Security Checklist status. Complete the tasks in this checklist to securely deploy your application.

PDN News

This panel is populated by an RSS feed that displays topics of special interest on the Pega Discovery Network (PDN). You can use a Dynamic System Setting to disable the RSS feed.