Setting your user preferences

You can set preferences to customize the presentation of your development environment, enable tools, and persist other types of settings between user sessions.

  1. In the Designer Studio header, click the initials of your operator ID, and then click Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, set the default values for your preferences.
    • To include internal rules in search results and explorers, select the Enable diagnostic features check box.
    • To have access to all test cases from your application stack, not just from the currently active application, select the Include from built-on applications check box.
      Note: When enabled, test coverage will also include built-on applications.
    • To change the look and feel of your development environment, click inside of the Override default application skin field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select a skin rule.
    • To open items in your environment as tabs, instead of displaying one item at a time, select the Include tabs check box.
      Tip: To quickly find your work when you environment does not use tabs, use the Recent Explorer.
    • To always display your environment in U.S. English, select the Ignore locale check box .
      Note: This option overrides all other locale settings.
    • To automatically check out rules that you copy, so that you can begin editing immediately, select the Auto checkout on save as check box .
  3. Click Save.
  4. Log out of your application, and then log back in.