Assignment tables

Assignments are instances of a concrete class derived from the Assign- base class. A newly installed system does not contain any assignments. As work items progress, the system creates and deletes assignments. Assignments may exist only for a few seconds, or for days or months.

Assignment instances are created when a flow execution reaches an Assignment shape in a flow. Assignment instances are deleted when a user or agent or other processing responds to the assignment by recording information, making and recording decisions, and adding attachments, or otherwise updating the work item, allowing the flow execution to continue.

As initially configured during installation, three tables in the Pega Platform database contain rows that correspond to assignments:

  • pc_assign_workbasket — Holds assignments in work queues, instances of the Assign-Workbasket class.
  • pc_assign_worklist — Holds assignments on worklists ( Assign-Worklist class).
  • pr_assign — Holds external assignments ( Assign-External class), that use the directed Web access feature and assignments of all other types.

Assignments in work queues

Assignments routed to work queues are instances of the Assign-Workbasket class. In the initial Pega Platform database schema, this class is linked to the pc_assign_workbasket table.

Assignments on worklists

Assignments on operator worklists are instances of the Assign-Worklist class. In the initial Pega 7 database schema, this class is linked to the pc_assign_worklist table.

External assignments

External assignments are stored as rows of the pc_assign_worklist table, which also holds rows for assignments on worklists. The key structure of these two types of rows is identical, except that the pxObjClass value for external assignments is ASSIGN-EXTERNAL.

Other assignments

Assignments in the Assign-Corr and Assign-Service classes are stored as rows in the pr_assign table:

  • Assign-Corr assignments identify correspondence (including email) created but not yet sent.
  • Assign-Service assignments are produced when a flow execution reaches the Assign-Service shape, and identifies tasks awaiting completion by an external system.