Requeueing broken items in a system queue

You can requeue a work item in a system queue if the work item has a status of broken. Requeueing a work item moves the item to the Scheduled queue and is useful when you want to process an item that is in the Broken queue once you have fixed the problem that caused the item to be in the Broken queue.

To view system queues, you must have the pzSystemOperationsObserver privilege and to take actions on queue items, you must also have the pzSystemOperationsAdministrator privilege.

  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Operations > Queue Management.
  2. Click Broken.
  3. In the Queue(s) grid, click the queue that contains the items that you want to requeue.
  4. Requeue items using one of the following methods:
    • To requeue individual items:
      1. In the Item(s) grid, select the items that you want to requeue.
      2. Click Re-queue.
    • To requeue all items currently in the queue, click Re-queue All.

The request is submitted and requeuing happens in the background. Depending on the number of items in the queue, requeuing all items in the queue can take some time. As the items are being requeued, click Refresh to update the grid and the Total Items field in the Broken and Scheduled status blocks.

Note: An empty queue might not be the result of this action because new broken items might be added to the queue after the requeue request is submitted.