Clearing a requestor pool

You can terminate requestors for a pool on a given node or on all nodes in the cluster by clearing a requestor pool. This action clears all requestor IDs and resets the requestor count to zero for the selected service package. Clearing the requestor pool is used for tuning purposes and can help you efficiently manage system resources. For example, if too many requests wait for a requestor to return to the pool for a long time, you can clear the pool to release the requestors.

To access the Requestor Pools landing page, view the list of requestor pools, view details about a requestor pool, and open a service package form, you must have the pzSystemOperationsObserver privilege. To perform all available actions on requestor pools, for example, to clear a requestor pool, you must also have the pzSystemOperationsAdministrator privilege.

  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Operations > Requestor Pools.
  2. From the list at the top left corner of the page, select a node ID to manage requestor pools on a specific node (either the current node or a remote node) or select All Nodes to manage requestor pools in the whole cluster.
  3. Filter the list of service packages to find the service package for which you want to clear the requestor pool.
  4. Select the check box next to the service package names for which you want to clear the requestor pool.
  5. Click Clear requestor pool on the top of the service packages list.