Viewing actions in the sync queue

The system info pages for custom mobile app display a list of actions in the app's sync queue that were saved while you work offline. Reviewing the actions in the sync queue is useful when you are troubleshooting your custom mobile app. To use this capability, the custom mobile app must be offline-enabled.

For each action in the sync queue, the name, metadata, and size in kilobytes are shown on the page. After you refresh the contents on the page, the actions are reloaded on the screen. When you connect to the network and your custom mobile app is back online, this queue becomes empty because the actions are immediately sent to the server during synchronization. The action sync queue for the mobile app only contains items while you are working in offline mode.
  1. Log in to the custom mobile app.
  2. From the Settings menu, click Sync queue.
  3. Optional: Refresh the contents on the page to ensure that the most current action sync queue information is displayed.