Answer formats for questions in a survey

You can format the fields that prompt users to answer a question in a survey. By choosing a format that is specific to the type of question and the expected response, you can ensure that the information that you collect in your survey is complete.

For example, you can ask users to select a policy plan from a list of predefined choices or manually enter a policy number in a text box. You choose a format when you create a stand-alone question or add a question to a survey.

You can use the following answer formats in a survey:
  • Check box

  • Date

  • Date time

  • Email

  • Integer

  • List

  • Phone number

  • Text

  • Text area

Some formats, such as lists, support scoring.

Legacy formats

Surveys that were created prior to version 7.4 of Pega Platform support additional answer formats. Although you can create stand-alone questions that use these formats, you can add these questions to legacy surveys only.

You can use the following answer formats in a legacy survey:
  • Attachment

  • Custom section

  • Radio buttons

  • Read-only text

  • Table