Questions in a survey

A question in a survey prompts a user to provide one or more answers in a format that you define. By using questions, you can quickly collect information that is relevant to your business processing.

You can use the following types of questions:

  • Simple - Stores a single answer, such as first name or date of birth.

  • Complex - Stores more than one answer or a series, such as a list of movies or matrix of skills and competencies.

    You can add complex questions to legacy surveys only.

  • Virtual - Stores a single text answer.

    You can use virtual questions in the legacy Questionnaire shape only.

You optionally organize questions into groups, or questions pages, when you create a survey. You create virtual questions when you ask a question in a case. Because simple and complex questions are modular, you can reference them from a question page in a survey or a step in a process.

Question answers

At run time, the answer to a question is stored in one of the following clipboard pages:

  • pyWorkPage.Questionnaire - Stores the answers to questions that are referenced by the same question page, when you call a survey from a flow.

  • pyWorkPage.Question - Stores the answer to an individual question, when you ask the question as a step in a process.


You must purchase a separate license before using survey functionality in your application.