Creating a subfeature

You can create a subfeature to extend another feature in your application. By structuring your features in a hierarchy that becomes more specific at each subsequent level, you can promote reuse and improve the traceability of rules development in your application.

  1. In the header of Designer Studio, click the name of your current application, and then click Overview to open the Application Overview landing page.

  2. In the Features section, click the Switch to tree view icon.

  3. Expand the list of features and subfeatures to find a feature to extend.

    You can create no more than four levels of subfeatures.

  4. Click the name of the feature.

  5. In the Subfeatures section, click the Create new feature icon.

  6. In the Name field, enter text that uniquely identifies the subfeature.

  7. In the Description field, enter text that describes the business value for this subfeature and what users can do when this subfeature is implemented.

  8. Click Create.