Deleting a feature

You can delete features that you define in your current application when they are no longer relevant. By removing unused features and their associations to rules, you can improve the traceability of features to implementations.

Note: You cannot delete features from built-on applications or previous versions of your application, or features with subfeatures that are defined in your current application.
  1. In the header of Designer Studio, click the name of your current application, and then click Overview to open the Application Overview landing page.

  2. In the Features section, click the Switch to tree view icon.

  3. Expand the list of features and subfeatures to find the feature to delete.

  4. In the Progress column, ensure that there are no work items associated with the feature.

    Note: Because you cannot delete a feature with open work items, you must first resolve the work items or associate them with another feature in your application.
  5. Click the Delete icon.