Generating a legacy application profile document

If your existing application uses specifications, you can use the Document Application tool to generate a legacy application profile document. For new applications that take advantage of real-time agile features, and stories create a product overview document or a gap analysis document. You can use the Document Application tool to generate an application profile. By using documentation to drive discussions with stakeholders, you can ensure that your development team has the most relevant information to start implementing your application.

You can regenerate the document at any time as your project evolves.
  1. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  2. In the Application field, select an application to document.
  3. To limit the scope of the generated document to the application that you select, clear the Include related built-on application layer assets check box.
    This option is not available when an application is built directly on PegaRULES.
  4. Provide the following information about the application:
    • Project name — Enter the name of the application development project.

    • Organization name — Enter the name of the organization that sponsors the project.

    • Project led by — Select the entity who is primarily responsible for your project.

    • Implementation methodology — Select the methodology that your development team follows to build your application.

  5. Include an estimated timeline in the generated document.
    1. Click Project timeline.
    2. In the Project timeline dialog box, review the estimates that are generated by the sizing wizard, and make adjustments as needed.
      If you do not have sizing results attached to your application, you can define your own estimates by entering values in the fields.
    3. Click Submit.
  6. To include flow diagrams in the generated document, select the Include process flow images check box.
  7. Click Generate document.
  8. Distribute the application profile document to stakeholders for review.