Creating legacy document types

If you use specifications to plan and implement your application, you can generate legacy document types that include application metrics, designs, and implementations. By sharing information with stakeholders as your project matures, you can ensure that you continue to follow the Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) model.

As a best practice, for applications that use features and stories, create product overview or gap analysis documents.
  1. If you plan to review the documents that you generate, ensure that Microsoft Word is installed on your local machine.
  2. To generate documents more quickly, import saved settings from another system.
  3. Generate any of the following legacy document types, based on your audience:
  4. For application documents, add supporting information.
    1. Include screen captures.
    2. Include Entity Relationship diagrams.
  5. Apply a corporate brand to your documents.
  6. Distribute your documents to stakeholders for review.