Generating a legacy specification document

If your existing application uses specifications, you can use the Document Application tool to generate a legacy specification document. For applications that take advantage of real-time agile features, and stories create a product overview document or a gap analysis document. You can use the Document Application tool to generate a specification document. By creating a document that describes what your application is required to do, you can help stakeholders understand how your project provides business value.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  2. In the Application field, select an application to document.
  3. To limit the scope of the generated document to the application that you select, clear the Include related built-on application layer assets check box.
    This option is not available when an application is built directly on PegaRULES.
  4. Enhance your document with supporting information.
    1. Select the Change log check box to include history memos for each specification.
    2. Select the Acceptance criteria check box.
    3. Select the Linked requirements check box.
  5. In the Select specifications section, select the check box next to a specification to include it in the document.
    Note: Use the filter in the Case/Supporting type column to quickly find specifications for a specific case type.
  6. To include specification attachments in your document, repeat the following steps for each specification.
    1. In the Select specifications section, click a specification to open the Specification form.
    2. On the Details tab, expand the Attachments section, and then select the Include in document check box next to each attachment.
  7. Click Generate document.