Modifying a legacy documentation template

Legacy document types use a Word template. Modify the Word template to change the structure of the legacy document types that you generate. By customizing the look and feel of your documentation, you can help stakeholders recognize your corporate brand.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  2. In the Saved legacy document settings section, click a configuration, based on the type of document that you are modifying.
  3. Click Actions > Open template to open the Word Template form.
    Note: If this option is not available because you do not have any saved settings, you can use the Records Explorer to find Word Template rules in the PegaAccel-Task-DocumentApp class.
  4. Create a custom version of the template.
    1. Click Save as > Specialize by class or ruleset to open the Specialization form.
    2. In the Add to ruleset field, select an unlocked ruleset and version in your application.
    3. Click Create and open.
    4. On the Main tab, click Download file.
    5. Open the file to edit the template.
    6. Enter your changes.
      For example, you can provide copyright text or change the logo in the header.
    7. Save and close the template.
  5. Associate your changes with the Word Template rule.
    1. On the Main tab of the Word Template form, click Upload file.
    2. Click Choose File, and then navigate to the version of the template that is on your local system.
    3. Click Upload file.
    4. Click Save.
  6. Test your changes by closing and reopening the Document Application tool, and then generating a new document.