Overriding a screen capture in a legacy application document

For legacy application documents, you can override a screen capture. By selectively updating images, you can keep your documentation in sync with your application's development without having to recreate an example case.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  2. In the Saved legacy document settings section, click the saved settings for an application document.
  3. Click the Screen captures tab.
  4. In the Screen capture catalog section, find the screen capture that needs to be updated.
  5. Override the screen capture in one of the following ways:
    • Provide an image from your local system.
      1. In the Override column, click Add.
      2. Navigate to the directory of the local image.
    • Modify the existing screen capture.
      1. In the Override column, click View to open the Image Content form.
      2. Click Download file.
      3. Update the image.
      4. Click Upload file.
      5. Click Choose File, and then navigate to your updated image.
      6. Click Upload file.
      7. Click Save.
      8. Close the Image Content form.
  6. Click Generate document.