Setting rules – Completing the Definition tab

Define the data type and other aspects of this setting.

Field Description
Setting Definition  
Data Type Select String, Integer, Decimal, or DateTime as the type of the setting.
Multiple Setting Behavior Select:
  • Smallest to have the minimum value apply when a user holds two or more access roles that each have a value for this setting
  • Largest to have the maximum value apply.
Setting Edit Optional. Select an edit input rule that the system is to apply to user input of the setting value when a developer saves an access role rule containing this setting.

Click the Open icon to open the edit input rule.

Sort Function Optional. To sort values for this setting in a different order than the default sort implied by the Data Type , identify a function that has the signature (String, String, boolean).

Click the Open icon to open the function rule.

For example, if the three setting values are "Gold", "Silver", and "Platinum", your function can define an order that makes "Platinum" the maximum value rather than the middle value.

Product List Optional. Identify any product rules (Rule-Admin-Product rule type) to which this setting rule applies.
Product Name Identify the first key part of a product rule.
Product Version Identify the second key part of a product rule.

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