Product rules –

Product rules – Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

Records can be created in various ways. You can add a new record to your application or copy an existing one. You can specialize existing rules by creating a copy in a specific ruleset, against a different class or (in some cases) with a set of circumstance definitions. You can copy data instances but they do not support specialization because they are not versioned.

Create a new product rule in Designer Studio by clicking +Create > SysAdmin > Product.

> Key parts:

A product rule instance has two key parts:

Field Description
Label Enter a product name. As a best practice, begin the name with a letter and use only letters, numbers, the ampersand character, and hyphens.
Product Version Enter a version name that includes only letters, numbers, and a hyphen. (This unrestricted value does not need to match a ruleset version.)
Note: Use caution when selecting the ruleset and version into which you place a new product rule. The direct or indirect prerequisites of that ruleset version, as listed in the Requires RuleSets and Versions list of the ruleset version form, must include the rulesets and versions to be included in the product.

> Rule resolution

Product rules are rarely referenced by other rules. When searching for a Product rule, the system:

  • Filters candidate rules based on a requestor's ruleset list of rulesets and versions
  • Finds circumstance-qualified rules that override base rules with the same key

Class-based inheritance does not apply. Time-qualified resolution features are not available for Product rules.