Product rules

Complete the Product form to define a rule that identifies the rulesets and versions, rules and data objects, and other parts of an entire application. This rule supports the migration and delivery of an application to other Pega Platform systems.

The following tabs are available on this form:

After you complete and save a product rule, you can generate a ZIP file containing:

  • Rules in rulesets and versions comprising a specific application.
  • Rules in selected rulesets and versions.
  • Instances within any class. These can be filtered or individually selected from a list.
  • A post-installation Read Me display.

These related wizards work with product rules or ZIP files:

  • Application Package wizard — A guided process that creates a product rule containing relevant data instances as well as rulesets.
  • Export gadget — Creates a ZIP archive from a product rule.
  • Import wizard landing page — Imports a ZIP archive
  • Purge/Archive wizard — Removes resolved work items from your system and optionally saves them in a ZIP archive.
  • Product Migration wizard — Creates a ZIP archive from a product or product patch rule, migrates the archive, and imports it to one or more destination systems.
  • Package Work wizard — Creates a product rule that (when executed) includes work items, work item history, and work item attachments.

> Access

Use the Records Explorer to list all the product rules that are available to you.

> Category

Product rules are instances of the Rule-Admin-Product class. They belong to the SysAdmin category. Product rules are sometimes informally called RAP rules.