More about Skill rules

The system can use skill information for intelligent routing of assignments to those workers who meet minimum qualifications, or to the most qualified worker.

The two standard properties Assign-.pxSkillsDesired and Assign-.pxSkillsRequired can each hold an array of skill names relevant to an assignment. Standard functions in the Pega-ProCom Routing library use the values in these two properties to determine which operators are eligible, based on skills and proficiency, to receive an assignment.

To support efficient operation of routing activities, instances of the Index-OperatorSkills class support direct access to operators holding a specific skill. Review the standard Work-.ToSkilledGroup activity for an example router activity that uses this index.

Skills-based routing (in standard routing activities) examines the skills of each operator in a work group to find a match. To reduce processing demand, avoid this approach in situations where work groups may contain hundreds of operators.

Your Get Next Work processing — which supports Get Assignment in the Case Manager or Case Worker portal — can consider operator skills in matching assignments to users.

About Skill rules