Agents rules

An agents rule provides configuration information for the agents listed in the rule, including the trigger or wake-up interval or schedule, the activities that the agents execute, and the way that the agent queue is handled. Each agent in the list performs one request (for example, sending generated correspondence or processing assignments) by running the associated agent activity.

The following tabs are available on this form:

The name of an agents rule is the name of a ruleset, and there can be only one agents rule defined for each ruleset and version in a Pega Platform system. When the Agent Manager master agent notices a newly added agents rule, it generates agent schedule data instances for each node in your Pega Platform application.

Note: Rule-Agent-Queue instances can be created in tenants. However, tenant-specific agents should not be created.


Use the Records Explorer to list all the agents rules that are available to you by selecting SysAdmin > Agents. The list includes the standard agents rules. You cannot add background processing activities to the standard agents; instead, create new agents rules that run your agent activities.


Agents rules are instances of the Rule-Agent-Queue class. They are part of the SysAdmin category.