Deprecated Collection form

The original implementation of the Collection form is deprecated. Instances that display the Basic/Advanced and Preamble and Stop tabs continue to function but are no longer officially supported.

The following tabs are available on this form:

As a best practice, discontinue the use of these rules in your application. You can evaluate the functionality provided by the new, redesigned Collection form to identify opportunities for reuse. These two implementations are not compatible and you cannot easily migrate all functionality.

Deprecated behavior

You cannot create a new instance of the original Collection form. All newly created collections automatically display the tabs and fields of the redesigned Collection form.

The following actions are supported for deprecated instances:

  • Editing the values on any rule form tab: Basic/Advanced, Preamble and Stop, Parameters , Pages & Classes , and History .
  • Referencing an instance from a Collection instruction in an activity or another collection.
  • Logging Collect instruction details to a Log-Collection clipboard page.
  • Viewing a list of instances launched from the Application Explorer or Records Explorer.
Note: Collections are now located in the Decision rule category because they model and execute business decisions. Previously, there were located in the Technical rule category.