Creating a data page to save data

You can define a data page to save data to a system of record by using save plans. By using save plans, you can save the updated information after without an activity. For example you can use a data page in a step in your process to edit a customer’s address by referencing the data page from the step and listing it as a data page to save on the flow action.

The two save plans that are available are Database save and Activity. Select the Database save option when you configured the savable data page to maintain transactionality when the data is saved. It is not guaranteed that transactionality is maintained if you select the Activity save plan option.
  1. After you create a data page, open the Defintion tab in the data page rule form.
  2. In the Structure field, select how you want the data in the data page to be structured.
  3. In the Object type field, enter or select the class that the data page applies to.
  4. In the Edit mode field, select Savable.
  5. In the Scope field, select the scope through which the data page can be accessed.
  6. Complete the fields in the Data sources section: to identify the source of the data to populate the data page.
    1. In the System name field, enter the name of the system that is associated with the data source.
    2. In the Source field, select the type of source that the data comes from.
  7. To process the data after it loaded, in the Post load processing field, enter or select the name of an activity to process the loaded data.
  8. In the Save type field, select the plan that you want to save the data with.
  9. If you selected Database save,
    1. In the Class name field, enter or select the class whose data you want to persist.
    2. If the class in the Class name field is different than the class of the data page, in the Data Transform field, click the rule opener icon to create a Data Transform using a template. This data transform maps the data page class to the Class name field.
    3. Optional: In the Validate rule field, enter or select a validate rule.
  10. If you selected Activity, in the Activity name field, enter or select the name of the activity to use to save the data. You can use this option to create logic to persist data to any system, such as a REST service.
    Note: If you use an activity save plan instead of a database save plan, you must customize the WriteNow Boolean parameter that is passed to the activity to be true if you want to save the data in a separate transaction and false if you want to save the data in a single transaction.
  11. Optional: Click +Add save option to create another save option for this data page.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Choose one of the following ways to use the savable data page in your application: