Saving data in a data page as part of a flow action

You can save data that is in a data page to a system of record during post processing of a flow action. If data in a savable data page was modified during processing of the flow action, you can list the data page as data to save during post-processing. This allowsBy doing this, you maintain transactionality with the work item, which ensures that all parts of the transaction either fail or succeed together.

Note: Transactionality is maintained only if you selected the Database save option when you configured the savable data page. It is not guaranteed that transactionality is maintained if you selected the Activity save plan option.
  1. Configure a savable data page.
  2. In the Action tab of a flow action, in the Post-processing section:
    1. In the WHEN field, enter or select the value that denotes when you want the savable data page to be applied.
    2. In the Data page field, enter or select the name of the savable data page.
    3. Click Add data page to add another savable data page to the flow action.
  3. Click Save.