Work Parties rules

Work parties rules define which party roles can participate in a work item. Each work item can contain many roles in addition to the required originator role. Some roles may participate with multiple occurrences. This rule also controls how and whether users can add parties using the user forms.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Where referenced

Work parties rules are referenced on the Process tab of a flow. If the Work parties field on that tab is blank, the system looks for a work parties rule named Default. If a work party is

Optionally, a work parties rule can be accessed on the Process tab of a Case Type rule.


Use the Application Explorer to access the work party rules that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all work parties rules available to you.


Work Parties rules are part of the Process category. A work parties rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-WorkParties rule type.