Work Parties form - Completing the Valid Parties tab

Add a row for each party role that may participate in a work item. These appear at runtime, whether as a selection box or with text fields visible, in the work item entry form. In the second array, identify which of these party roles may appear two or more times in one work item.

Field Description
List of Valid Parties  
Party Label Enter a unique label that is to appear on the work item entry form to identify this party role. For example, you can enter Lawyer or Design Manager.
Role Enter a unique identifier for this role. See How to enter a Java identifier. If the value you entered for Party Label contains no spaces or underscores and meets other requirements of an identifier, you can repeat the Party Label value here. (This value becomes the index of a Page Group property; it is not visible on user forms.)

The value Originator has a fixed use to identify the operator who entered the work item.

The value Follower has a fixed use to support following cases. This work party role can be added to a work object indirectly; it does not need to appear in the work parties rule.

Party Class Select a concrete class derived from the Data-Party class. (Such classes are intended to hold information about work parties.) For example, you can enter Data-Party-Lawyer-RealEstate or one of five standard concrete classes derived from Data-Party.
Party Prompt Optional. Enter a short description of the Data-Party class. This short description appears at runtime, following the party label on the work item entry form.

For example, you can enter Real Estate if the class distinguishes Real Estate Lawyers from Family Lawyers. On the work item entry form, a user sees Lawyer — Real Estate.

If your application supports users in multiple languages, you can create language-specific Work Parties rules in language-specific RuleSets, so that these prompts are appropriate for each locale.

Data Transform Optional. To cause the system to complete initial values for some fields on the PartyDisplay HTML rule configured in your Data-Party class, identify a data transform in the same Data- class.
VOE? Select the VOE (Visible on Entry) check box to cause the PartyDisplay HTML for this party to appear at runtime at the time of the first display of the work item entry form, rather than only after a user makes a choice from a selection box.
Required? Select to indicate that this party must be present in every new work item.
List Parties That May Repeat  
Party Optional. To allow users to enter more than one lawyer, more than one dependent, or more than one of any of the other roles on this form, enter those roles here.

If you do not enter a work party role from the array, the system enforces a maximum limit of one party for that role.

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